4 Top Tips for Beginners in Boudoir Photography

Boudoir Photography continues to gain popularity today among women who are interested to try a unique, sexy photo shoot. This form of photography allows women to display their sensual side and send these photos as gift to their partner or keep it for themselves. Even professional photographers are getting interested in mastering boudoir photography.

With boudoir photography, you can learn photography skills that are different from the usual learnings you get from other types of photography. Mastering it can potential help you generate more income and equip you with a different set of skills. The question now is “How can you get started in Boudoir Photography”?

Well, to guide you on how to become a good boudoir photographer, here are some effective tips that you can apply in your boudoir photo shoot.

  1. Highlight the woman’s assets

Not all your clients will be as sexy as magazine cover models. Some are on the heavy side but each one of them certainly has incredible physical assets that make them attractive. It is important for you to highlight these assets during the photo shoot.

You can give suggestions on what outfit they should wear or if you can lend them some edgy outfits then that would great. You also need to learn different poses and know which ones are best for what body type. Even professional photographers of Kent wedding photography study the best poses for their clients.

  1. Observe the light

In photography, light can have a huge impact in an image. It can either make or break it. Same principle applies for boudoir shoots. As a photographer, you should learn to observe the light available in the location.

Boudoir shoots are generally taken in a private room which can the client’s bedroom or a room owned by you the photographer. If the shoot will be done in the client’s room, you will need to know ahead if there are necessary modifications when it comes to the location’s lighting. If there is, you will have to bring accessories that can help you produce your desired boudoir pictures.

During the shoot, study how the light shines on your subject. Change angles or poses as you deem necessary.

  1. Choose the right angle

During the photo shoot, you will need to compose your image first by carefully choosing the right angle. By choosing the right angle, you can emphasize the good elements and hide the less pleasing ones. Try to move your subject until you get the angle that you think makes your model look awesome. In the beginning, you might find this difficult but eventually you will be better at this. You can practice it with some willing friends and family and with continuous practice you can be more ready for a real boudoir shoot.

  1. Gain your client’s trust

There’s nothing more important for a photographer than to gain a client’s trust. Making clients trust you won’t be easy but possible. You need to get to know them first, find out about their personality, their strengths, their weaknesses and what tickles them. You have to be open and truthful to them. Answer also all their questions with all honesty so all their doubts will be gone and they will see how credible you are. Los Angeles Wedding Photographer always makes sure that his clients understand everything before the wedding coverage.