How Should I Prepare for my Boudoir Photo Shoot?

boudoir photo shootYou’ve heard so much about Boudoir Photography and you finally decided to give it a try! At first, you felt super excited but then you realized that you don’t know how to prepare for it. Do you really need to prepare? If so, what preparation should you make?

Like, any other photo shoot, it is critical for you to plan ahead and prepare the things that you need. And since, Boudoir is somehow different you will have to use a different approach.

For those who are wondering what Boudoir Photography is, well, it is a form of photography wherein a woman is photographed by a professional shooter inside a bedroom or private room. The images captured in this boudoir shoot are usually given by the woman to her husband as wedding or anniversary gift. Some women keep the sexy picture for themselves because they want to feel good about themselves no matter how they look.

Boudoir photography, in some ways, can boost your self-confidence and make you feel good about yourself.  Giving it as a gift to your husband is one unique way of showing your love for him.

Going back to the question on whether you need to prepare, yes indeed, you must to prepare for this photo shoot. Here are some ways you can prepare for this much-anticipated Boudoir shoot.

  1. Plan your look

How would you like to look in the pictures? Would you like to appear alluring in a cute way or bold but mysterious or something else? The look you want must reflect your personality. Of course, it is expected that you will look sexy but the overall appearance should tell something about what you are. Ask for suggestions from the boudoir photographer if you are unsure on what look to portray.

  1. Ask questions before the shoot

Don’t be embarrassed to ask the Boudoir photographer questions that are important for you to know. You will feel more excited and relaxed if you can get answers directly from the photographer. Keep in mind that you should hire a professional Boudoir photographer that you are comfortable with. He/ she should accommodating, respectful and above all easy to get along with.

  1. Prepare your outfits ahead

Choose your favorite lingerie, heels, accessories and sexy outfits. If you think, you need to buy then go ahead and purchase lingerie or outfit that you like. If you are reluctant in wearing lingerie, look for edgy outfits.

Some photographers have outfits that you can borrow. Try your preferred outfits at least 3 days before the shoot to make sure they still look good on you.

  1. Shed some pounds

It is not really that necessary to work out or go on a diet weeks before the photo shoot. But then, some women prefer to shed some pounds before the boudoir shoot because they feel sexier when they know they’ve shed some pounds. So, if you have time, then go ahead and hit the gym.

  1. Get some beauty rest

Make up can help conceal the stress and lines in your face but real beauty will come out if you are healthy from the inside. Get enough sleep, drink water and avoid things that give you stress. Orange County wedding photographer always tells his clients to get enough sleep before a photo shoot.

  1. Research on sexy poses

The photographer can coach you on what poses to make but then you can also do a research, find more poses and incorporate them in the shoot. This London wedding photographer can help you connect with a professional Boudoir photographer

  1. Contact a professional makeup artist or hair stylist

A professional make-up artist and hairstylist can help you achieve that sexy look. Find one that it credible but of course you can also do your own makeup if you have that artistic skill

  1. Sign a contract

A written contract that is signed and understood by both parties can give you security that your photos will be kept private and will never be shared to others without your permission. Secure the contract before the scheduled shoot.

You might do this Boudoir photo shoot only once or twice in your lifetime so have fun during the shoot and treasure the memories for a lifetime.