My 3 Top Tips for Newborn Photography

_DSC6180Nowadays, many photographers are into newborn photography. They find this field interesting and fun because photographing a newborn is indeed amusing. You are able to capture the innocence and cuteness of a newborn baby who is often in a deep sleep.

I have been a newborn photographer for 5 years now and I really love what I do. It is not just about the pay but also the sense of fulfillment. I find fulfillment in giving joy to the parents upon seeing how wonderful the final newborn photos are. They thank me profusely and it melts my heart to hear positive feedback from them.

All professional photographers like Wedding Photographer Cheshire feel rewarded when they receive nice words from their clients.

Newborn photography is not that easy as some might think. Amateur photographers will need to be patient and determined when they choose to enter newborn photography. I can attest to how hard it is to start in this business. I too had a difficult start but what helped me pull through is my determination to succeed and be known. I managed to acquire skills, learn different techniques and choose the right gears.

I am here to share now my top tips for newborn photographers on how to become successful in newborn photography.

  1. Buy the right camera and accessories

Apart from choosing the right camera, you will also need to buy the right accessories for the newborn photo shoot. You need to buy blankets, hats, baskets, pillows, beanbags and props that are suitable for the shoot. Consider the texture and color of the blankets when choosing. Make sure they are soft and safe for babies. Choose neutral colors like black, brown, beige, ivory because they look good in the newborn photos. Try to have at least two of each accessory.

  1. Come fully prepared

It is best for you to prepare your things at least 2 days before the shoot. Have a checklist so you don’t forget anything. This is critical for all photographers. Even essex wedding photographer Tony always prepare for each wedding he works on. You can ask your clients ahead on what items they prefer for you to use you don’t have to bring unnecessary items. You can also ask if they have meaningful things that they might want to be in the photo shoot. Bring also 2 or lenses as well as memory cards. It would be best if you have a macro zoom lens so you can take macro shots of the newborn.

  1. Have a clear communication with your client

Communication is very important in this business. You need to have a clear communication with your client so everything will fall right into place. You should ask the parents what style of newborn photography they prefer and what they expect from the shoot. Ask also if their baby is allergic to anything in particular. Make sure you agree on everything so both parties will be happy.

Treat all your photo shoots as equally important. Never take any work for granted. Newborn photo shoots should be done with concentration and passion. You cannot succeed if you don’t love what you are doing. Make sure you are passionate about what you do and be nice to everyone you meet along the way.

I found great video showing behind the scene of a newborn photo shoot.