Top 5 Things to Bring for Your Boudoir Photo Shoot

boudoir photographyWow, you’ve finally decided to do a boudoir photo shoot! You are surely excited for this unique kind of shoot that will bring out the sexiness in you. Of course, you need to prepare for this moment so it’ll be successful, right?

A boudoir photo session is a wonderful experience that a woman like you should be proud of. It is something you need to be ready for. Now, do you know how to prepare for a boudoir photo session? Do you know what to bring or what to expect?

For first timers like you, it is best to ask for suggestions from your trusted boudoir photographer. Get ideas and tips on what to bring for the photo session and how to completely prepare for it. There are clothes that are best worn for this kind of shoot while there are clothes that must be avoided.

Tight fitting clothes must be avoid when going to the location for it will create red marks on your body which will look ugly in the pictures. It is better if you wear loose shirt and pants so there will be no body marks and it will be easier to change into something sexy on location.

There are also important things that you should consider bringing for your boudoir shoot. Below are the top 5 worthy carrying with you to your session.

  1. Lingerie

Bring 2 or 3 of your favorite lingerie. It should be something you are comfortable wearing so you won’t look hesitant or awkward in doing the poses with the lingerie on. Lacy black, red and white are among the lingerie that can make you look sexy in the pictures.

  1. Bras and panties

Most women bring some pairs of bras and panties for the shoot. Lacy, sheer types can make you look more alluring in the boudoir pictures. Avoid too tight sets though for it will make create marks on your body and can even make your upper thigh and body look bulging. White is recommended for soon-to-be brides while black and red are for women who want to do the shot for other reasons.

  1. Heels

Heels is not doubt something you have to bring for the shoot. It adds more drama, sexiness and appeal to the one wearing it. You can also choose similar sexy footwear for a more captivating look.

  1. Jewelry

Big earrings, attractive necklace and fancy bracelet that go well with your outfit can bring out your individuality. You can also wear a hat or other accessories for a more striking look in the pictures. Some photographers have props or accessories that they lend to their subjects for the shoot. Better ask your boudoir photographer ahead if he/she has something that you can borrow.

  1. Stockings

Stockings or even fishnets can make your legs more attractive but not all women look great in stockings. Have a dress rehearsal at home and check if you look good with stockings on. If you are still planning to buy one choose the type that has no garter or is not tight so it won’t make your thighs look big.

For more ideas on what to wear or bring for your most anticipated boudoir shot, you can check out websites like