What Can You Expect In A Boudoir Photo Shoot

boudoir photo shootBoudoir photography is a new trend in photography that continues to gain the interest of professional photographers and soon-to-be brides. This trend is not only for soon-to-be brides but also for women wanting to try something different or give something unique to their partner.

Now, if you are wondering as to what can you expect in a boudoir shot then here are some basic things you have to know.


A boudoir photo shoot is usually done either in the client’s bedroom or in a posh hotel room. At times, the photographer’s studio is transformed into a bedroom to get the needed setting. Inside the room, only the photographer, the client and another friend are present. This is done to give privacy to the client since it is somehow awkward to perform sexy poses with many strangers around.

The photographer often allows a client to bring a friend if that helps make her feel more comfortable during the shoot. Champagne or wine is also usually present in the location and it is offered to the customer to make her relax before the boudoir session.


When it comes to the outfit, sexy lingerie, bra, heels, stockings, jewelry and other sexy outfits are commonly used for the pictorial. You can either bring your favorite lingerie or borrow from the photographer if they have any. You have to ask the photographer ahead as to whether they can lend you some outfits.

You get to choose what you are comfortable with. No pressure or coercion of any sort. You will never be forced to wear anything that makes you feel uneasy. Ask the photographer how many set of outfits do you need to bring.

Hair and Make up

Like models in magazine covers, hair and makeup is important in a boudoir photo session. You can either bring your own hair and makeup artist or request one from the photo studio as an add-on to the package you availed. This will all depend on what you have agreed with the boudoir photographer.

Pictures/ Proofs

Depending on how hectic the schedule of your boudoir photographer is, it will take a week or more before you can see the final images. Some photographer will provide you proofs before enhancing the best images. The product you will get will depend on what you have agreed – it can be digital copies in a DVD, prints in an album, pictures in a canvass or similar items. Make sure to thoroughly check the package you are interested in as well as the written contract before signing it so your rights will be protected.

Additionally, your pictures won’t be released anywhere without your consent unless you hired a deceitful boudoir photographer. This makes it very important for you to carefully choose the right boudoir photographer. Check his/her background, ask for reference and make sure you are comfortable with him/her. Never hire someone if you are not unsure about his/her capability, credibility and personality.

Prepare well for your boudoir photo session and make this once-in-a-lifetime experience memorable and fun.